Hellmann’s Mayo

Make Taste. Not Waste.


Launched during the Super Bowl, Hellman’s “Make Taste, Less Waste” campaign aimed to tackle food waste by encouraging consumers to create delicious meals with leftover ingredients and Hellman’s Mayo.

Problem Statement

How could we effectively bring this BIG IDEA to the mobile platform in a way that was both engaging and innovative?  


Our solution was to leverage the power of artificial intelligence. We developed an AI-powered recipe maker that would allow users to input whatever leftover ingredients they had in their fridge and receive customized recipes incorporating Hellman’s Mayo.


The AI system understood various ingredient combinations and dietary preferences, ensuring highly personalized and relevant recipe suggestions. We also paid special attention to the user interface design to make it intuitive and mobile-friendly.


We used AI in a way that was “cool” but also made sense. Hellman’s Mayo “Make Taste. Not Waste” campaign stood out in the crowded mobile space. More than that, we made sure that users not only received the message, but with the help of mobile, also took actionable steps towards reducing food waste.


A glimpse of the AI app and a segment of the decision tree we developed to ensure brand safety.