Unilever – AXE – Digital Advertising Concept

Creating a viral social movement that crossovers to the Dating App Space.


In 2020, AXE is reintroducing its iconic Chocolate Man, an emblematic figure that left a significant mark on the brand’s history since it was first featured in a video commercial in 2008. 


This reintroduction comes at a time when societal values and communication styles have evolved.

Problem Statement

The challenge lies in effectively leveraging the Chocolate Man’s return to generate substantial talkability and campaign awareness while ensuring the character’s portrayal resonates with today’s progressive audience. How can AXE utilize the Chocolate Man to create a meaningful and engaging campaign that aligns with current societal values and communication trends?


In 2020, the iconic chocolate man returns to spread more sweetness by infiltrating all dating apps, creating a long-lasting impact that shows why AXE chocolate man remains one of the most memorable brand icons.


Rich media and social ads invite users to activate their mobile cameras to transform themselves into the AXE chocolate man and take a selfie of their avatar which they can use on their dating profiles, social media profiles and more!


This interactive and playful approach not only modernizes the Chocolate Man but also amplifies user engagement by allowing individuals to embody the character. By doing so, AXE ensures the Chocolate Man remains memorable and relevant, driving campaign awareness and sparking conversations in an innovative way. The cheeky, sweet persona of the Chocolate Man, when used as a dating profile picture, promises to create a buzz and leave a lasting impression, making the AXE Avatar the “sweetest dude” on platforms like Tinder.

This was conceptual work.

Campaign date: 2020

Market: Philippines

Client: Unilever

Art Director: Anna Ow


The Tech

Face Detection Technology using front-facing mobile camera 




3D face filter that transforms users into the Chocolate Man

The User Journey

Social Extension

Users jump on this cheeky social trend, saving their chocolate man memoji as their dating app profile picture.

Very soon our mobile campaign takes over the dating app space, creating an even bigger buzz.

(Chocolate man animoji used for mockup purposes to show intended style and functionality)


Go ahead, wink, smile or stick out your tongue! The AXE chocolate man is irresistibly sweet. 


Now use your cheeky selfie as your dating profile picture on dating apps like Tinder.


The sweetest dude on Tinder…is your AXE Avatar.