Bose Interactive Ad – Audio Manipulation

Bose, the first brand to release active noise-cancelling headphones as a consumer product, wanted to highlight their latest innovation that allows users to personalize their environment via 11 levels of noise cancellation. Using mobile technology in a smart yet simple way, we were able to convey this experience to consumers even before they test-drive the product at retail stores. 


The headlines are “Hear the world around you. On your terms”. Users then tap on “Try with Audio” button and swipe a meter from left (level 01) to right (level 11). As they do so, both the background noise and background image gradually fade away around the key visual of a person wearing Bose Headphones 700.


The latest Bose Headphones 700 model is clearly the centrepiece while the sweet relief of serenity created by it noise-cancelling technology is both heard and visually represented to make the message even stickier. Location targeting reached the campaign’s target audience: travellers; while the background image of a busy airport increased relevancy.


The user journey concluded with a store locator map, so users could find out where the nearest store was to make a purchase. The campaign was also localised to different markets and local celebrities were featured.

Campaign date: February 2020

Market: Australia, Japan

Client: Bose


Art Director: Anna Ow
Developer: Sabaresh Kumar




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