Bringing the Basquiat Dinosaur to life

Client: Coach
Agency: Carat
Date: July 2020

InMobi Creative Studio
Art Director: Anna Ow
Developer: Dipankar Ghosh

Mobile Activation, AR


Coach has a long-standing history of collaborating with artists to create unique, fashion-forward pieces that resonate with both fashion enthusiasts and art lovers. The Coach x Jean-Michel Basquiat collaboration is a testament to this tradition, bringing Basquiat’s iconic art into the fashion realm. With the rise of digital technology and augmented reality (AR), there is a unique opportunity to engage consumers in an innovative and interactive way. 


By using AR technology, Coach aims to enhance the connection between the brand and its audience, making the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat accessible and interactive. This will not only drive brand awareness and engagement but also position Coach as a leader in the integration of fashion, art, and technology.


In this campaign, AR technology allows users to interact with Basquiat’s iconic dinosaur in a completely unique way. Rather than simply viewing the artwork on a static screen, users can bring the dinosaur to life and into their own environment, creating a more personal connection with the art. Once users have had their fun, they can snap, save, and share their masterpiece with ease. 

By combining fashion, art, and technology in this way, the Coach x Jean-Michel Basquiat collaboration is able to reach a wider audience and create a more engaging and memorable experience, using mobile as a tool to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.

A QR code placed prominently at Coach’s physical stores and pop up installations would also activate the AR experience. By integrating digital and physical touchpoints, it maximizes engagement and reach, allowing users to interact with Basquiat’s art in a personal and memorable way.

The Basquiat dinosaur, brought to life through AR technology, can seamlessly integrate into local environments, allowing users to place and interact with the iconic artwork in familiar settings such as their homes, parks, and local landmarks. Users can share their customized dinosaur interactions on social media, showcasing their local pride and extending the campaign’s reach organically, using unique hashtags tailored for different countries such as #CoachxBasquiatSG. The localized aspect of the campaign ensures it resonates on a personal level, making it more impactful and memorable for diverse audiences across different regions.