“Keep the Tết Festivities flowing”

Micro Game

During Tết, families, friends and neighbors come together to celebrate with Coca-Cola; This is visually represented by many small tables joining to form a long table as seen in 2020’s highly anticipated Coca-Cola Tết commercial in Vietnam.


The meaning behind this year’s campaign is amplified on mobile screens; and mobile audiences are engaged with a quick and addictive game. A simple swipe up mobile gesture vividly drives home the key message “Keep the Tết Festivities flowing”


Game mechanics: To keep the Tết festivities flowing, users must continuously swipe up as fast as they can in 15 seconds. Their score is recorded in metres. They can play again to beat their best score. Or choose to share the game and keep the festivities flowing even further!


Let’s see how far the festivities take you!



User journey


Users are also encouraged to invite their friends to play!


We created a personalised greeting card generator where users can key in their friend’s name and include a selfie.

User sends the e-card to their friend on Whatsapp

What the recipient sees after opening the e-card