Digi Telecommunications




Year: 2018 | Team: Telenor Group Trading Desk

Digi is an innovative and energetic telco in Malaysia undergoing a digital transformation to better understand the digital consumer. The digital marketing team aims to merge creativity, tech and customer data in their advertising strategies.


For a particular postpaid plan campaign, a broad audience was sought after, with young people as the core target audience. Both the strategic concept and visual identity were developed to communicate the values of “let’s inspire” (their tagline). We wanted consumers to feel that sense of energy at a glance, and to also convey the functional benefit of ease of use.


It’s visual 

This series of images leans on a consistent color palette, making it feel both cohesive and on brand.  Bold colors and typography are used to draw attention. The use of SIM Cards for the “porting-in” messaging also clearly shows what this service is all about.

It’s relevant 

These ads are remarketed to users who landed on digi’s postpaid website. The person who saw this ad after visiting the site will immediately know that it is about switching telcos or switching plans to digi postpaid.

It includes an enticing value proposition

Ease of porting-in is shown as users swipe from panel to panel. Finally, free SIM delivery is offered to compel users to take action now.

It has a clear call to action

The discount offer is limited and a sense of urgency is created by using the word ”now”. The CTA encourages users to visit the website again to learn more.


Campaign delivery tactics planned for achieving the set CPA objectives include: creative versioning, retargeting to new audience sets and different sets of messaging.


How these ads were performing in real time were also tracked and analysed. Underperforming ads were turned off, while budget was transferred to better performing ads. We also explored different ad formats to gain additional reach on different ad inventories.


Sometimes, there were very short gaps between date-of-brief-received to campaign launch day. Using existing ad assets we were able to produce, with a high turnaround time, ads that responded quickly to new data insights about the consumer. 


After a 3 month run, this campaign achieved a much lower CPA than historical benchmark.