Tea For Three




Year: 2015 | Team: Anna Ow (UI/UX Designer) Emil Ng (Back-end developer)

Tea For Three is a boutique fashion brand. They had a clear objective to design their website with a carefree, feminine narrative. They wanted us to help them to stand out amongst other e-commerce shops, and to have strong brand consistency among their different social media channels and website. 

My role as web designer was to set up their online store. It was my first time working on an e-commerce system and it was fine-tuned over a few months to provide an optimal customer experience. We asked friends and customers questions about the visual style, navigation, their shopping process, what they liked and did not like on the mobile, page loading time and more. This feedback loop, I realised, helped in taking ambiguity out of design, and I felt more confident in producing work that our customers would enjoy.

E-commerce fashion stores are pretty common in Singapore. Ultimately we wanted to ensure that the site should let users enjoy what they came for – the clothes and the user experience. However to stand out from the crowd, we also had to ensure that there was a strong brand identity along the consumer journey, from advertisements, look books and social media channels.

I also designed on-brand advertisement, in a style that helped express the brand’s “Free-spirited Fashion”. The consistent use of such visuals ensured strong brand presence in the minds of customers especially when Tea For Three was a new clothing store.

Numerous applications of the brand were designed for pop up booths, including all the materials associated with garment delivery, from the tags to the bags.