Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

Our work was focused on the development of various key visuals such as e-invitations, registration pages, micro sites, follow up EDMs and set design for the venues, among other design elements such as lanyards, booklets and banners. We also track engagement on our websites, open rates for our EDMs and lead generation lists.


We also try to put back the fun in learning and working in the office. For example, X-FORCE was created to push for the adoption and effective utilisation of our sales management tool. Overlaying the StarWars theme into our campaign (only for internal use), made our push for adoption of the tool much more engaging and interactive for our colleagues. The programme was rolled out using teaser videos. Not only did our colleagues have a good mid-day laugh, they were looking forward to receiving information we had to share! Furthermore, EDMs we sent out to remind and encourage our colleagues to sign up to learn how to use the tool, also had consistently high open rates. In our first month of launch, we had 25% of Xaxis APAC staff signing up for trainings.