Xaxis Asia Pacific


Year: 2018

Key to establishing Xaxis’ credibility as a thought leader was helping them articulate their point of view on PR & social spaces, their work culture, and their influence on industry stakeholders including new prospects, existing clients and partners.


Marketing collaterals I produced include landing pages, micro-sites, emails, whitepapers, flyers, presentations, pitch decks, infographics, B2B ad banners, videos and more.

To create new SWAG for Xaxis’ internal team, getting employees excited and proud to be working alongside 3 new brands: Light Reaction, plista, Triad. Every brand’s colours were incorporated into the new identity system with a new One Xaxis logo created just for this internal campaign.    The only people who love ad-tech jargon so much are the people within ad-tech. Appreciation postcards were also given out – because nothing beats a hand-written thank you note with more jargony stuff from your colleagues.

“Can you make programmatic sexy”