Case Study

Lux Blooming Gardens

Client: Unilever Indonesia
Agency: Mediacom
Date: March 2022

InMobi Creative Studio
Art Director: Anna Ow
Developer: Dipankar Ghosh

Mobile Activation, UI/UX Design, Illustration, Gamification


Lux is launching a new line of body washes that highlight botanical ingredients known for their natural beauty benefits. This campaign seeks to engage users in an interactive and memorable way while educating them about the unique floral ingredients.


Consumers are increasingly seeking products with natural ingredients and are more likely to remember information delivered through engaging and interactive formats. Gamification and reward-based strategies can effectively capture consumer attention, enhance information retention, and drive higher engagement rates.

Creative Concept

An interactive game where users swipe to match three or more of the same flowers as quickly as they can. This engaging game concept not only entertains the user but also educates them about the various floral ingredients used in Lux’s body washes.

As the game progresses, users have to complete the challenge within a 1-minute countdown timer, which adds an element of excitement and urgency to the user journey. As they match the different bontanical ingredients, the product’s benefit pops up.  For example, when orchids are matched, a pop up “Fragrant skin!” appears. As an added incentive, players receive a voucher redeemable on Tokopedia, encouraging them to purchase Lux products.

Illustrated Game Elements

Buttons, Panels

Visuals: Use vibrant custom-made illustrations of flowers and botanical ingredients to create an appealing game environment. Each illustration is distinct & visually captivating.

Interface: Design a user-friendly interface that emphasizes natural beauty and simplicity.

Educational Pop-ups: Integrate information about each botanical ingredient’s benefit without interrupting the gameplay.

Interface: Design a user-friendly interface that emphasizes natural beauty and simplicity.

combining the elements of gaming, education, and rewards.


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Flower power at your fingertips

The Lux Botanicals interactive game is crafted to provide a captivating, educational, and rewarding experience for users. By gamifying the learning process about Lux’s floral ingredients and offering a tangible reward, the campaign aims to not only engage and educate but also drive conversions through a seamless integration with Tokopedia. This comprehensive approach ensures that Lux’s new botanicals line stands out in a crowded market, creating lasting impressions and encouraging product purchases.