Magnum Ruby 

Interactive Kaleidoscope 

Problem Statement

How do we make display advertising more engaging especially for a brand  like Magnum that is all about Indulgence and Being Playful?


A new chocolate, Ruby, has been discovered; and you’re invited to enter a new world created by Magnum Ruby. Immerse yourself in The Magnum Ruby Secret Garden, a feast for your eyes.


Users are presented with an interactive kaleidoscope. The graphic treatment was inspired by the facets of a ruby gem. Users swipe any part of the screen to play with the kaleidoscope’s speed, position and angles. The result is highly eye catching and playful.


Just like the Ruby chocolate with its exquisite taste and look, the ad unit has a premium style, while the interactive kaleidoscope stays on-brand to Magnum’s brand association to INDULGENCE and PLAYFULNESS.

Campaign date: 2019

Market: Singapore

Client: Magnum

Art Director: Anna Ow

Rich Media Experience – Interactive kaleidoscope

Banners with eye-catching kaleidoscope effect