Disney Ms Marvel

Kamala’s Quest: The Empowered Bracelet Mobile Game

Join Kamala Khan a teenager from New Jersey on her way to turn her dream of being a superhero into a reality!


The game challenges users to collect three icons that represent Kamala’s daydreams about love, cosmic powers, and her favorite superhero, Ms. Marvel. By swiping left or right on her bracelet, players can collect these icons and empower the bracelet, helping Kamala on her journey to becoming a superhero. But they must also avoid an evil heart that represents what is “not her.”


With just 30 seconds on the clock, the game is fast-paced and engaging. Finally the empowered fist jumps out of the bracelet and cracks the screen, signaling the end of the game. Users can then choose to beat their best score or watch the full trailer.

Campaign date: 2022

Market: Singapore, Malaysia

Client: Disney+

Art Director: Anna Ow

Developer: Nikhil Hegde


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