Shop2Give Draw With The Children


Unilever is partnering with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Lazada for an annual Shop2Give Super Brand Day sale. A portion of the proceeds from the Shop2Give campaign will help more children and youth get improved access to quality basic education.

Problem Statement

Users need to be engaged and emotionally connected to a cause to motivate them to make a donation. However, conventional marketing methods are not effective in creating this emotional connection. 

Creative Solution

With a strong brand purpose in mind, our mission was two-fold: To mobilise Filipinos to SHOP2GIVE on August 20, 2019, and to create an interactive experience that would engage and move the hearts of users in joining the brand to achieve this purpose.


We developed a mobile touch ad that allows users to draw with the children, making the campaign personal and emotional. The ad starts with a child drawing on the user’s screen, grabbing their attention. Users then interact with the ad by tracing a virtual dotted line to help the child complete their drawing.


The journey continues when an illustrated portrait of the child pops up full screen explaining how on #Shop2Give day each purchase contributes to a UNICEF donation that would support her dreams – an emotional layer leading into the final call to action.


This interactive experience helps to bring the campaign’s purpose to life and makes it relatable to the user.

Campaign date: August 2019

Creative campaign by GIGIL

Market: Philippines

Client: Unilever

Art Director: Anna Ow

Developer: Dipankar Ghosh


Different Unilever brand products were renamed and hand drawn by the children.

We produced a mobile tracing unit for each Unilever brand that had a hand drawn product.


Each tracing unit was followed by a portrait of the child who’s name was on the hand drawn product, 

and included a heartfelt message to the user.

Finally, users are led them to Unilever’s Lazada storefront where product images were replaced by the hand drawn products. Purchases made online on Shop2Give day would support underprivileged children.