Case Study

Shop2Give HOPE


Client: Unilever Philippines
Agency: GIGIL
Date: August 2020

InMobi Creative Studio
Art Director: Anna Ow
Developer: Dipankar Ghosh

Mobile Strategy, Planning & Activation, UI/UX Design


Unilever is partnering with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Lazada for an annual Shop2Give Super Brand Day sale. For every purchase made on Shop2Give day, a percentage of the sales will be donated to a UNICEF charity supporting children. The theme for this year is Shop2Give HOPE. The children are beautifully featured with captivating illustrations that creatively incorporate Unilever products, bringing attention to their cause in an engaging and visually appealing manner.



The primary objective of the Shop2Give HOPE campaign is to drive e-commerce purchases on Lazada by connecting with consumers and encouraging them to support Unilever’s charitable cause. 

Our Strategy






A small but mighty banner! Re-orienting the perception of a “standard” banner using creative copy.



Introducing a personalized and interactive experience that appeals to the user’s emotion: It all starts with a friendly conversation through a pop-up message notification. 

Introducing a personalized and interactive experience that appeals to the user’s emotion: It all starts with a friendly conversation through a pop-up message notification. 


Users are greeted by none other than the children of Shop2Give Hope campaign themselves. An illustrated portrait of these children along with their names appears, and they ask for yours. 

Before you know it, they’ve written a personalized letter just for you about the cause to help children like themselves Hope for a brighter future.


The User Journey

multiple versions ran leading up to D-DAY

Based on last year’s campaign insights, our media and creative strategy for this year’s Shop2Give HOPE was tweaked to enhance user engagement and emotional connection. By creating multiple versions of our pop-up message notifications, each featuring different children and their unique stories, we aim to increase the frequency and diversity of touchpoints across digital platforms. This personalized and interactive approach allows us to consistently highlight the social cause of supporting UNICEF’s charity for children, while increasing frequency and reach.


To ensure brand recall, a retargeting component is added on D-day itself. The user is reminded of the cause through a pop-up notification, followed by an interactive message that uses a cool parallax style. A countdown adds urgency, encouraging the user to donate to Shop2Give Hope today. 

This personalized and interactive experience engages users, moving their hearts towards providing a better future for the kids.


higher CTR
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driving meaningful action with interactivity

Our interactive mobile experience for the Shop2Give campaign successfully drove meaningful action by leveraging the power of personalization and interactivity. By making users feel personally involved and emotionally connected to the cause, we significantly increased engagement rates and motivated users to contribute to the campaign.

On Shop2Give day, the reminder notifications and urgent call-to-action resulted in a significant boost in eCommerce transactions on Lazada, directly translating to increased donations for UNICEF. This not only showcased Unilever’s commitment to social responsibility but also demonstrated how digital innovation can drive substantial real-world impact.

The Shop2Give interactive mobile advertising campaign is a powerful blend of

technology, personalization,
& social responsibility.