<< HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN PART 3 >> This week’s homework doesn’t want me to be nice.  Using Jacob Nielsen’s heuristics to evaluate, find at least 5 violations in 2 travel booking websites.   Website 1: https://www.japanican.com My evaluation in PDF   Website 2: http://willerexpress.com My evaluation in PDF  

Interaction Design Storyboarding

<< HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN PART 2 >> After the interviewing exercise comes storyboarding. Finally, one part of the course where I don’t feel like a noob. 3 design ideas to improve the transportation experience. Here we go: (1)     (2)     (3)

Interviewing people

<< HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN PART 1 >> OK the homework title was really intimidating. We had to put into practice what we learnt: Observing user behaviour and interviewing actual people to find out their latent needs. I will leave my script here but not the actual audio.   -START- Hello, thank you for participating! I […]