SG Volunteers App – Case Study

I decided to enroll in the Google Coursera UX Design course to learn a better methodology in approaching UI/UX Design. For my final project, i decided to build an app called SG Volunteers, a digital platform where the community can connect with causes that matter the most to them, search for volunteer opportunities and easily […]


<< HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN PART 3 >> This week’s homework doesn’t want me to be nice.  Using Jacob Nielsen’s heuristics to evaluate, find at least 5 violations in 2 travel booking websites.   Website 1: My evaluation in PDF   Website 2: My evaluation in PDF  

Interaction Design Storyboarding

<< HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN PART 2 >> After the interviewing exercise comes storyboarding. Finally, one part of the course where I don’t feel like a noob. 3 design ideas to improve the transportation experience. Here we go: (1)     (2)     (3)

Interviewing people

<< HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN PART 1 >> OK the homework title was really intimidating. We had to put into practice what we learnt: Observing user behaviour and interviewing actual people to find out their latent needs. I will leave my script here but not the actual audio.   -START- Hello, thank you for participating! I […]

dynamically produced personalised ads?

I completed a Digital Analytics module on Coursera recently. The last question asked about our views on the personalisation of ads. I thought I’ll post my answer here as well. —- Although advertising is mass medium, the creative ideally should feel like it is speaking to a person. The idea that we can display personalised ads to […]

Getting Creative with the Medium

As a marketer, you already know that it is worthwhile to invest in the digital medium. Customers spend a lot of time online, digital ad spend is soaring, and all that jazz. To help serve advertising goals across industries, Facebook and Instagram have also invested in robust ad solutions that we can leverage on. What […]